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Assassination Politics
Gebran Tueni

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joins hands with Syria and Lebanon
to mourn Gebran Tueni
and to demand
that the United States
and their lackies
in the zionist movement
be held accountable
for all the turmoil
being created
in the Arab world.


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BEIRUT, Dec. 14 (Xinhuanet) -- Amr Moussa, secretary general of the Cairo-based Arab League arrived here Wednesday in a bid to defuse Lebanon-Syria tension after Monday car bombing in a Beirut suburb killed anti-Syrian press magnate and MP Gibran Tueni.

Beirut is the first leg of Moussa's tour that will also take him on to Syria, during which he will offer condolences to the family of Tueni.

After talks with Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora, the AL chief vowed to reporters that "I am on an urgent diplomatic mission to defuse the dangerous situation" between Beirut and Damascus.

"I cannot watch and let the situation deteriorate between Lebanon and Syria and reach an explosive level," said Moussa.

Following the killing of Tueni, Lebanon's anti-Syrian parliamentary majority has accused Damascus of being responsible for the assassination and called for regime change in Syria.

Before his departure for the tour earlier in the day, Moussa called on Arab countries to adopt a common stand on the growing phenomenon of assassinating public Arab figures.

Moussa warned of the killings of prominent Arab figures, saying "it is a very serious phenomenon that needs to be treated."

What Amr Moussa cannot say,
but I can,
is that the United States and the zionist entity
 are responsible for the Assassination Politics
 which they are promoting.

Face of a Coldblooded Assassin