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Government Abuse

IRAQ Review

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Please be advised that the violation of the United Nations
     in spirit and truth that has resulted from the misleading
     of the world community by the United States of America MUST
     be addressed.

     To continue to abide the intolerable criminal leadings of the
     USA is to subvert the United Nations itself and has led to the
     predicament that the policy being pursued in Iraq is one of
     criminal acts of war.  These acts violate not only the good
     people of Iraq but the United Nations Charter, the integrity of
     the United Nations, and the spirit of the world community which
     was necessary for the United Nations to be formed mid-century.

To the new regime in Washington


We will not be swayed
 by the obvious attempt
 on the part
of dubya and his regime
to embarass and heckle
the world into letting the USofA
 rape, pillage, and plunder Iraq.

Leslie Stahl, speaking of US sanctions
 against Iraq:
 "We have heard that a
     half million children
 have died.
 I mean, that's more children
 than died in
 And -- and you know, is the price worth it?"

     Madeline Albright: "I think
this is a very hard choice,
     but the price
 -- we think
 the price is worth it."

The Crime of the Century -- SANCTIONS