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dubya projects

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The American President says
 that the "Islamic fundamentalists"
 believe it is worth taking innocent lives
 for a political cause.
 While he has sacrificed
 nearly 2,000 of the U.S.
military personnel
 and hundreds of thousands of Arabs
 and Muslims in Iraq
 and Afghanistan
 for his own political agenda,
 on the basis of a bunch of lies
 which he failed to force
 the world to swallow.

Aljazeera story

President Bush has been trying lately

 to step up efforts to revive

 his nation’s support

 to his unwise decision

 to invade Iraq.


 But the irony in his latest speech

 is that he looked, unconsciously,

 committed to all evils

 he accused

 "Islamic fundamentalists" of.

 [please pardon the dangling preposition]